#Change Your Destiny

Hello music lovers - I recently composed the soundtracks to these two films which form part of the amazing SKII 'Change Your Destiny' Campaign.  The campaign explores tons of cool women who are all badass rock stars who have completely transformed their lives into something amazing and meaningful.

Beautiful stories, Beautiful women, Beautiful films.

Check em out:







Hello folks!  I'm super excited to share with you the latest campaign for Bridgestone tyres :)  I was very honoured to be asked by Bang TV to write the music for these awesome films.  Directed by the immensely talented Laszlo Kadar and produced by the legendary Jeremy McWilliams and Tom Whitehead of Bang - these films were such a pleasure to work on.  Big shout out to JWT and the rock n roll audio pros at Vaudeville too.  Such a joy to work with such lovely people :)  

Please check out my Commercials page for the first 3 films in the campaign.

They're currently airing on TV across Europe so keep an eye out!






New work!

It's been a crazy busy few months and I've been so lucky to have worked with some incredibly talented people on spots for PETA and Synovus (both just added to my 'Commercials' page).  


I was honoured to be a part of this commercial which is aimed at exposing the reality of Angora Wool farming.  I defy anyone who watches this film to be able to purchase Angora after watching the shocking undercover footage featured here - I have to admit I struggled myself whilst composing to this film as the footage is painful to watch even once, let alone 50 times.  Working with Lowe & Partners and the uber-talented director Olivier Venturini from Great Guns, I created a track which was designed to lull the viewer into a slight false sense of security before being jolted by the horrifying sounds and images of the Angora Wool Farms.  More info on the spot is available on the Great Guns blog here: 



Working with the awesome folk at Massive Music NY and Fitzgerald & CO, this was such a beautiful spot to write for.  Everything about the brief and the film excited me - it was human, emotive, cinematic and perfectly crafted.  I was super chuffed to hear we got Ad of the Day in AdWeek too - boom! 



The Down-lo on Lo-Fang

I got to see the awesome Lo Fang last night at the Troubadour - a treat for the ears AND the eyes ;)  If you've seen Lourdes live recently you would have already experienced his genius as he's her current tour support act but last night was all about the man himself.  A multi-instrumentalist he's super-talented and his cover of 'You're the One that I Want' (yes you read right - as in that song from Grease!) is spine-tinglingly beautiful.  Check him out here…:




Oh and ladies this is for you….

You're so welcome…..;0)

You're so welcome…..;0)

Sirens are Calling

I'm totally in love with everything these gorgeous girlies do - one of the few bands where the fact that they're hot sexy chicks comes second to their music.   Check em out….